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Watch Over $65 Million Of Aston Martins Assemble Under One Roof

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Watch Over $65 Million Of Aston Martins Assemble Under One Roof

Few brands in the automotive industry have the kind of storied history, a legacy, quite like Aston Martin. The British marque found a unique way to celebrate that, by having 28 extremely rare cars all converge in one location.

According to Aston Martin, this gathering was supposed to commemorate the fact that ownership transferred hands for three super hangers. They’re all located in St. Athan, and will be used by Aston Martin to ramp up a bigger production volume.

As a result, the collection of vehicles housed under the same roof are valued at well over $65 million. Among the cars is a Rapide S, DBR1, the One-77, and quite a few other rare beasts. Aston Martin fans will go nuts watching each one roll around so close to other legends. It’s a pretty amazing sight, especially once you realize how much all the cars are worth together.

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