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Watch This Lifted Mercedes Wagon Play Like an SUV

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Watch This Lifted Mercedes Wagon Play Like an SUV

Would you take a Mercedes E-Class off-roading? That seems like a stupid question, because even the All-Terrain all-wheel-drive wagons aren’t made for much more than graded dirt roads, until now.

Get to know the Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain 4×42 prototype. While we’ve seen a somewhat similar yet more extreme approach for the G-Class, this in some ways is just so much more awesome. It’s been jacked way up, boosting ground clearance of 7.8 inches. That’s not bad, but this thing won’t be taking on Widow Maker in Moab anytime soon.

The prototype also borrows some equipment from the G-Class, which is a good thing. The one advantage the G-Class has over this wagon is angles, particularly approach, departure, and breakover. But, most people will never push to the extremes where something like the G-Class would even be necessary.

Will Mercedes make this lifted wagon? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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