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Watch the Supra and Z4 Hit the Nurburgring Together

(Credit: YouTube )

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Watch the Supra and Z4 Hit the Nurburgring Together

Ten years ago no one would’ve thought that the Supra and BMW Z4 would be best buds. The two platform-sharing cars are both getting ready to make their big debut, and they’re prepping together.

Both cars were recently spotted wearing camo and making runs together at the famous Nurburgring track in Germany. It’s perhaps the last time we’ll see the Z4 disguised before its big debut at Pebble Beach.

As for the Supra, we have some more waiting to do, with no definite reveal date. The bodywork obviously won’t be anything like the Bimmer’s. We don’t know for sure if it will use a BMW engine, and there are sources confirming as well as denying that very thing. Both cars in the video above appear to handle the tight turns on the track reasonably well, so even if they’re not high-powered they should still be fun to drive.

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