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Tesla Says Goodbye to California

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Tesla Says Goodbye to California

Thanks to a shutdown in Alameda County, Tesla hasn’t been able to resume making cars. CEO Elon Musk made some very public declarations about his frustrations with regulations and the overall government climate in California via Twitter. If you take nothing else away from this, just know the company is looking to move out of the state.

In greater detail, Musk said Tesla headquarters and future programs will be located in either Texas or Nevada. That move would happen “immediately.” Just what kind of timeframe that entails isn’t clear, but don’t be surprised if it isn’t sooner than most would think possible.

Tesla Fremont assembly line (Credit: Tesla)

Some are reacting to this news with agreement or downright glee. After all, many other businesses have left California and its restrictions, including automakers like Toyota and Mitsubishi.

Others, however, are reacting negatively toward Musk. One common characterization on social media is that the Tesla CEO is behaving like a small child throwing a fit for not getting his way. California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez even went so far as to refer to Musk using a strong expletive.

On Monday, Musk opened the Tesla plant in Alameda against government orders. He said rather than arresting any of his employees for the violation, law enforcement should arrest him.

However you cut it, this isn’t great news for the state of California. Tesla has been a big bringer of revenue and pride, not to mention jobs. Considering the automaker is constantly in a state of growth, whichever ends up being the new home state stands to gain much in the future. Tesla already established its first Gigafactory in Nevada.

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