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GM Tries Stamping Out Fiery Commercial

(Credit: General Motors )

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GM Tries Stamping Out Fiery Commercial

GM has a wee bit of a public image problem. While U.S. politicians on both sides of the aisle are worked up over the automaker shuttering plants, Canadians are taking their anger to the next level. Our normally polite neighbors to the north are furious, as clearly demonstrated by the above commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.

Unifor, the auto workers union in Canada, produced the ad. It details the bailout provided to GM through taxpayer dollars, which wasn’t that long ago. That move is framed as an example of Canadians’ generosity and belief in helping others who have a need.

Then the portrays GM’s move to shutter operations in Canada as “leaving workers out in the cold.” It goes on to call the automaker’s actions “as un-Canadian as the vehicles they want to sell us.”

The closing line of “GM, you may have forgotten our generosity, but we’ll never forget your greed” really hits home.

Obviously, GM is rattled by the ad, because its lawyers have sent out a cease-and-desist letter to Unifor. It argues there are inaccuracies in the commercial, like how it doesn’t tell that GM has paid off the $10.8 billion government loan or detail the kind of economic growth the automaker has blessed Canada with. Gee, Canadians should feel pretty fortunate for interacting with GM on any level.

Source: The Drive 

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