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Jeep Finally Offers a Gladiator Discount

(Credit: Fiat Chrysler )

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Jeep Finally Offers a Gladiator Discount

Much to the chagrin of moneywise shoppers, Jeep hasn’t offered any discounts on the new Gladiator pickup truck, until now. Considering people have been lining up and gladly paying high transaction prices, there really wasn’t any reason to offer discounts. But things apparently have changed.

A loyalty discount is now being offered, rewarding current Jeep owners who want to partake of the rugged utilitarianism of the Jeep Gladiator. Reportedly Jeep dealers have been receiving $1,000 loyalty coupons to pass out during October.

This is obviously a way to clear out stock at the end of the year, although there’s probably not much of a need to do that with the Gladiator. Still, grabbing more market share in the crowded midsize truck niche isn’t exactly easy, so perhaps that’s the motivation for this move.

Jeep owners probably won’t care about Fiat Chrysler’s market strategy. What they will want to know is that this discount isn’t supposed to apply to the Rubicon and supposedly some other Gladiator trims. Of course, the Rubicon is the most expensive.

In general, Jeep Gladiators are going for well above the base MSRP of $36,000. You can blame that on options or greedy dealers, because it’s not entirely clear-cut. Just beware that as is the case with car dealerships, there might be some trickery involved with this loyalty discount. So go in with both eyes wide open and hopefully you actually save some money.

Source: CarsDirect

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