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Watch New Volkswagen Anti-Theft Device in Action

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Watch New Volkswagen Anti-Theft Device in Action

With the new Jetta GLI hitting the market, Volkswagen is once again putting out brilliant ads to promote it. Being a sportier version of a fairly benign car, you would naturally assume VW would focus squarely on performance or looking cool driving it.

But this is Volkswagen we’re talking about, and it never takes the obvious approach to advertising.

Instead, VW decided to focus on a unique anti-theft device in the car. Two guys are driving in it, having a discussion and listening to music and such, when they park in an urban area on the side of the road. As they walk away from the Jetta GLI, the passenger asks the driver if he’s going to lock the doors.

“Nah, it’s stick shift,” the driver replies, then walks away.

In one brilliant move, Volkswagen hilariously brings up the point that the Jetta GLI is a true driver’s car since you can still get it with a manual transmission. And yes, that’s actually been shown to decrease theft substantially.

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