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Audi Wants You to Rethink Electric

(Credit: Audi )

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Audi Wants You to Rethink Electric

As you can see above, Audi has put out a commercial that mocks many of the common doubts people have about electric cars. Featuring the all-new Audi E-Tron, the ad tries hard to portray an EV doubter as someone ridiculously uninformed.

For example, the narrator states that “electric just doesn’t have enough range” as the E-Tron speeds by in the middle of the desert. Or the statement “electric just can’t keep up” as a Formula E racecar speeds by on a track, along with the E-Tron.

By getting all the electric car myths out in the open, it’s like Audi is calling out people’s ignorance. I haven’t seen an automaker do this so effectively before, but Audi has always boasted some of the slickest marketing campaigns in the automotive industry.

With the E-Tron debuting in the United States next month, Audi has a vested interest in everyone realizing EVs aren’t just a gimmick.

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