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Toyota Releases Prius 2020 Edition

(Credit: Toyota)

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Toyota Releases Prius 2020 Edition

We all know the Toyota Prius changed the automotive landscape forever. After all, it made hybrids popular and financially viable, something Honda had been trying to do for an embarrassingly-long time before. To celebrate that milestone, Toyota has revealed the Prius 2020 Edition.

This car marks the 20-year anniversary of the hybrid hatchback. Production will be limited to just 2,020 cars (get it?) so if you want one you’ll have to be quick. Each one is based on the Prius XLE FWD, so plenty of standard equipment is included.

Shoppers will have the choice of either Supersonic Red or the new Wind Chill Pearl for the car’s paint. Black exterior trim pieces and wheels help visually set the 2020 Edition apart. It even has blackout headlights.

Toyota Prius 2020 Edition (Credit: Toyota)

Inside, the floormats feature a 2020 insignia, which is also on the key fob/glove. The black trim motif continues and includes the shift knob and A-pillars. Even the air vents are smoked for good measure.

Now, Toyota is trying to say this Prius 2020 Edition is a little “sporty and elegant, with just a touch of mischief.” Hopefully you weren’t drinking something while reading that, because it is laughable. The fact the company is taking this anniversary so seriously is kind of cute and kind of sad. After all, you can now get a hybrid version of just about every Toyota out there, so what’s special about the Prius at this point?

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