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Chevy Mocks the Mustang Again

(Credit: YouTube)

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Chevy Mocks the Mustang Again

Just last week was the official 55th birthday of the Ford Mustang, which is a truly momentous occasion. It didn’t escape the folks at Chevrolet, who put together a nice little commercial to commemorate their competitor’s anniversary.

In the video you can watch above, Chevrolet portrays the Mustang as a little pony alone at its own birthday bash. There’s plenty of pink in the decorations, which maybe makes sense because more women drive Mustangs than Camaros? We’ll go with that.

The shot of the table is quick, so you probably didn’t catch that not only are there two tiered displays of cupcakes (another visual dig on the Mustang?) but also a plate full of apples, because that’s what ponies like. Get it?

There’s also the message “no little ponies were harmed in the making of this film.”

It’s a nice way to congratulate the Mustang for such a long, impressive run and yet mock it at the same time. Too bad the Camaro can’t mock the Mustang’s sales figures, but at least there’s this video.

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