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Watch Jon Snow Hawk The Infiniti Q60

(Credit: YouTube)

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Watch Jon Snow Hawk The Infiniti Q60

Infiniti Q60 Kit Harington commercial

Infiniti Q60 Kit Harington commercial (Credit: YouTube)

Infiniti’s betting you’re a fan of Game of Thrones and Jon Snow. For the newest Q60 commercial, Kit Harington gets behind the wheel of the sports car, and the results have people talking.

Instead of just driving the Infiniti Q60 around and being wowed by the performance, Harington recites The Tiger, a poem by William Blake. I guess you could say it adds a certain dramatic effect that would’ve been missing otherwise, kind of like the trailer for the final season of Breaking Bad.

To punctuate the emotion of being floored by the car, once Harington stops, he takes his hands off the steering wheel and looks towards the camera almost in a state of disbelief. I guess the Q60’s surprisingly good?

I was already excited to try out the Q60 before this commercial, but it should make even more people interested in the car.

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