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See the Porsche Taycan in Action

(Credit: YouTube )

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See the Porsche Taycan in Action

With the launch of the Taycan — Porsche’s first fully-electric car — right around the corner, we’re getting some pretty good spy videos. One in particular from German enthusiast YouTube channel Pro-Street.DK, shows what the Taycan sounds like when accelerating.

First, the Taycan is pretty well-disguised in the video, so we don’t get to see those final styling details. Porsche even slaps some tailpipes on the rear fascia, like that’s going to throw people off. For the first while, noise of rain, tires, other cars accelerating, wind, etc. drown out what the Taycan sounds like.

At 3:50 in the video, you finally can hear the Porsche Taycan accelerate from a stop. With the camera right by the electric car we hear this cool humming that sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Leave it to Porsche to make electric vehicles even cooler than they already are. That, and you won’t be freaked out by one sneaking up on you in a parking lot.

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