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Watch A Mini Cooper Set A Nurburgring Record

(Credit: YouTube)

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Watch A Mini Cooper Set A Nurburgring Record

Mini Cooper Nurburgring record lap

Mini Cooper Nurburgring record lap (Credit: YouTube)

When you think of Nurburgring lap records, you probably don’t think of the Mini Cooper, or any Mini for that matter. That’s partly what makes this new lap record set by one of the funky British coupes that much more interesting.

The other unique thing about this lap around the Green Hell is it was done on just two wheels, the entire way. Han Yue, a stunt driver from China, kept his Mini Cooper tipped to one side for a whole lap, beating previous two-wheeled times. Yes, apparently this is something others have done before, only slower.

It took Han Yue 45 minutes to get around the legendary track. According to reports, a problem with one of the tires actually slowed down the attempt, which won’t be repeated anytime soon. You can see in the video, they have to close the whole thing down to do something like this.

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