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Lamborghini Owners Crash a Kids Birthday Party

(Credit: Youtube)

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Lamborghini Owners Crash a Kids Birthday Party

Lamborghini's Crash Kids Birthday

Lamborghini’s Crash Kids Birthday (Credit: Youtube)

Car people really can pull through for people in need, which is what a father in the Los Angeles area recently found out. Nick Stern reached out to Lamborghini North Los Angeles to ask a favor: if anyone with a Lambo would stop by his son Jacob’s seventh birthday party. Apparently, the son is a huge fan of Lamborghinis and the father knew that just to sit in one, or even go for a short ride, would make the day incredibly special.

The message, which was posted on the car dealership’s Facebook page, did not go unnoticed. Instead of just a single Lamborghini owner showing up at the party, the seven year-old was surprised by multiple supercars crashing his birthday bash. The famous “Batventador” — which is an Aventador with Batman insignias on it — even showed up for the occasion.

After freaking out along with his little buddies, Jacob was able to go for a ride in an Aventador around the neighborhood. The child was of course ecstatic, and at the end of his ride he was presented with a shirt and plaque to commemorate the occasion.

What child that has been born since at least the late 1970s has not fantasized about at least riding in, if not actually owning, a Lamborghini. The supercars, with the bull fighting-inspired names and edgy looks have adorned more teenage bedroom walls than posters of swimsuit models.

According to Stern, his son Jacob is saving up for a Lamborghini of his own. So far, the seven year-old has $400 set aside.

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