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Infiniti is Set to Debut its New Q60 Concept in Detroit

(Credit: © Infiniti)

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Infiniti is Set to Debut its New Q60 Concept in Detroit

Infiniti Q60 Concept

Infiniti Q60 Concept (Credit: © Infiniti)

If there is one thing that I can say I don’t care for about Cadillac’s new boss Johan de Nysschen it’s that before he left Infiniti he completely changed its naming system but left many of the newly named vehicles virtually unchanged from their predecessors. A great example of this is the Infiniti Q60, which is the spitting image of the old G37 Coupe, save for its shiny new nameplate. Now it looks as if Infiniti is ready to move on from the de Nysschen era and push forward by releasing an all-new, totally redesigned Q60, but first it has a concept version of it to show off.

This Q60 concept will break cover at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show in January, but Infiniti has given us a little preview of the concept via a shadowy teaser image.

In this teaser image it is rather clear that the sports coupe will take on a new look, at least in its concept form. The nose appears to be significantly longer and at more of a point towards the front and the glasshouse is pushed rearward slightly. The front wheel arches appear to feature larger flares, and the rear wheels seem to be housed inside large rear haunches. The swoopy roofline stretches further back on this teaser image and the trunk-line appears to be less rounded than the current Q60.

2015 Infiniti Q60

2015 Infiniti Q60 (Credit: © Infiniti)

Within all of the changes found on this dark teaser image, there is one piece that really stands out. This piece is what appears to be a heat-extraction vent just behind the front wheel, which points toward the intentions of the new Q60 as a true performance luxury coupe.

If you’re thinking that this is just a concept and will likely look nothing like the real deal, rumors seem to point the opposite direction. While this certainly is just a concept for now, recent rumors claim that this concept is actually very similar to the planned production model.

Regardless of whether or not the production model looks like this, I am excited to finally see the old G37/Q60 get the redesign it has so badly needs.

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