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Hyundai Prophecy is a Little Crazy

(Credit: Hyundai )

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Hyundai Prophecy is a Little Crazy

Korean automaker Hyundai went a little wild with its latest concept, called the Prophecy. It’s supposed to preview what a sexy new electric vehicle from the brand would look like, which is apparently surprisingly sleek. Even better, it uses the latest design language for Hyundai, so your next Santa Fe might look this good.

Hyundai Prophecy (Credit: Hyundai)

Like the Hyundai 45 concept from last year, the Prophecy favors clean and simple lines overall, something that is lacking quite a bit in today’s market. It’s a refreshing approach and one that shows the Koreans have really stepped up their game after poaching many high-level designers from German automakers.

One of the unique things about the body is the use of transparent acrylic for the rear spoiler, headlights, and camera monitoring system. Hyundai uses these windows to show off functional parts you wouldn’t normally see.

Hyundai Prophecy (Credit: Hyundai)

The interior is even crazier with no steering wheel and joysticks, which are supposed to allow drivers to be comfortable while navigating the car. Of course, this concept is designed for that magical, and right now theoretical, future when cars do all the driving and we humans just sit back and watch Netflix. At least in this car you get to sit on cool plaid seats, so there’s a little callout to cars of old.

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