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Polestar Shows Off the Precept

(Credit: Polestar)

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Polestar Shows Off the Precept

Swedish automaker and progeny of Volvo, Polestar has a bold mission to help push electrification in the automotive market. It’s first shot, the Polestar 1 was a hyper-expensive yet impressive piece of tech. Then the Polestar 2 was more affordable yet still attractive. Now Polestar is showing off the Precept, signaling even sportier design for the future.

Polestar Precept (Credit: Polestar)

This four-door GT is a manifesto of sorts, in part because it steps up Polestar’s efforts to use sustainable materials in vehicles. It’s also minimalist while being athletic, a balance that seems largely unavailable in today’s market.

Polestar Precept (Credit: Polestar)

There’s a lot going on with this concept, from the “grille” area bristling with sensors to cameras replacing less aerodynamic side mirrors. There’s also a glass roof with a LIDAR pod mounted there, indicating this car is being designed to really push self-driving technology further.

Polestar Precept (Credit: Polestar)

Instead of a wild interior like what you see on so many concepts these days, this one looks clean and futuristic, yet also realistic. It’s one of the best indications that Polestar likely intends to take this concept, if well received, to market before too long. If so, it would likely be the Polestar 4 since a Polestar 3 coupe-style SUV is supposed to debut next year.

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