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Acura Type S Returns

(Credit: Acura )

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Acura Type S Returns

It’s been far too long since Acura has used its storied Type S badges. Perhaps that’s for the best, considering what a mess the brand was for years. But now that everything is turning around the Type S is making a comeback first as a concept.

For Monterey Car Week, Acura is putting the Type S Concept on display for the public to ogle. While it’s obviously just a concept, the company says it will heavily influence the upcoming TLX Type S.

Acura Type S Concept (Credit: Acura)

Overall, this concept is defined not so much by what’s been included, but rather what’s been excluded. It’s like Acura designers finally have realized shoving more and more elements on a vehicle is actually a bad thing. That simplicity just looks clean, mature, and upscale. Perfectly accentuating it is a coat of Double Apex Blue Pearl.

You’ll also notice the Acura Type S Concept is wide and low to the ground. Those elements scream performance and that’s the idea. This is a design concept, so there’s nothing notable about what’s under the hood. But we fully expect good things when the Type S badge returns to Acura production cars.

Speaking of that, Acura is holding the TLX Type S in reserve for when the second generation of the sedan launches, which is sometime next year.

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