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Chevy Releases Impressive Self-Driving Bolt Video

(Credit: Chevrolet )

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Chevy Releases Impressive Self-Driving Bolt Video

When you hear about robot cars, Chevrolet might not be the first brand to enter your mind. It might not even be the third or fourth brand. That could change soon, thanks to Cruise Automation, which is a subsidiary of General Motors.

Cruise Automation has been doing some pretty cool things with Chevy Bolts in San Francisco. If you’ve never driven there, it’s one of the craziest driving environments in the United States. Check out the video above to see a Bolt drive itself through the Potrero and Mission neighborhoods, without any help from the human in the front seat.

While these two neighborhoods arguably aren’t the most challenging parts of San Francisco, they’re not a cakewalk. The Bolt has to deal with other cars, pedestrians, and multiple intersections, including several where it has a stop sign cross-traffic doesn’t, which seems to be difficult enough for human drivers. It’s actually a pretty impressive demonstration.

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