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Chevy Might be Working on a Colorado to Hunt the Ford Raptor

(Credit: © General Motors)

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Chevy Might be Working on a Colorado to Hunt the Ford Raptor

Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept

Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept (Credit: © General Motors)

The Ford F-150 Raptor has been the default king of off-roading pickup trucks, but it now has some stiff competition from the new Ram Power Wagon. The list of foes of the Raptor is rumored to be growing, though, with Chevy rumored to be preparing a modified version of the Colorado.

Considering that the Colorado is the little brother of the Silverado, which is the direct competitor for the F-150, makes such a move unexpected. The juicy gossip comes by way of GM Authority, but so far there are no other signs that it might be true. Still, the news is compelling and if it comes to fruition, will give Ford a potential run for its money.

One of the biggest factors that works against the Ford Raptor is the fact it is large, heavy, and guzzles gas like crazy. GM is rumored to be playing with a turbocharged V6 engine for the off-road version of the Colorado, which isn’t too hard to believe considering that the automaker has been infusing an increasing number of cars with turbos. The move would keep the Colorado lightweight and easy on the gas, also helping the truck win in the power to weight ratio game.

Not too long ago, Chevrolet showed off a Colorado Rally Concept that turned quite a few heads, including diehard fans of the now-dead Hummer brand. It’s even possible that the new model will carry the ZR2 name.

Before you run off to your local Chevy dealer to reserve your Raptor-killing Colorado, remember that this whole rumor has not been substantiated by much of anything. So far no prototypes or mule versions have been spotted. Still, it is fun to hope there is some truth to it.

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