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Watch The Lucid Air Go 217 MPH

(Credit: Lucid Motors)

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Watch The Lucid Air Go 217 MPH

By now, if you haven’t gotten the memo that electric cars can be fast, this video should drive the message home. A Lucid Air prototype runs a stability test at 217 mph, a speed most gas-powered vehicles can’t even reach. Even better, it sounds like Lucid limited the speed, like maybe the Air can go even faster, which is just plain bonkers.

To reach such high speeds, Lucid ran the Air around the 7.5-mile oval at TRC Ohio. The test wasn’t just to see if the car could handle safely at that speed, but also to evaluate heat management. After all, having your EV overheat would be no fun.

This means the Air is getting that much closer to production.

Lucid Motors has announced the starting price of the Air undercuts the Tesla Model S, which is seriously impressive. The sedan’s supposed to be luxurious, too.

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