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Watch the Latest Bizarre Lincoln Commercial

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Watch the Latest Bizarre Lincoln Commercial

Matthew McConaughey has decided that hawking Lincolns is his calling or something. How else can you explain his almost religious devotion to the job as brand spokesman? Now that we have a new Navigator, the actor’s back at it, and this latest commercial is pretty freaking weird.

Everyone has to stop at a railroad crossing now and then. Apparently, if your last name is McConaughey, that involves drumming on the steering wheel like it’s your mini bongo. It’s just bizarre, because that’s the whole ad.

If you think having these strange commercials hurts Lincoln as a brand, you might want to reconsider. They have people talking, including Saturday Night Live doing spoofs. Sales are up, arguably in part because the commercials have raised awareness that Lincoln is doing something different. So that means we’re probably going to see more of these. Try not to get too excited.

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