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Ford Wants Amazon to Have Access to Your Car

(Credit: Ford )

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Ford Wants Amazon to Have Access to Your Car

Would you let a stranger get into your car while it’s parked in your driveway or a public parking lot? That’s exactly what Ford wants to sell you on in the near future, and it could very well catch on.

Taking a page from Volvo’s playbook, the Blue Oval wants to allow Amazon delivery personnel to leave your packages in the back of your car. That might sound crazy, but it’s actually a unique solution to a very real problem: porch pirates.

Instead of your new laptop computer sitting on your front porch all day while you’re at work, it would be dropped off in the back of your Explorer where a cargo cover obscures it from view. The Key by Amazon In-Car delivery service works with certain Fords and Lincolns.

Your Ford would need to be a 2017 or later model with FordPass Connect. Lincolns need to be 2018 and later models with Lincoln Connect. As for geographical limitations, several major metropolitan areas in the U.S. are included for now.

Ford views even more possibilities in the near future. One possibility is having a mobile car wash service clean up your ride while you’re working. It’s an interesting way to use vehicles to accommodate our evolving needs.

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