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Watch Fabled C8 Mid-Engine Corvettes Testing

(Credit: YouTube )

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Watch Fabled C8 Mid-Engine Corvettes Testing

GM keeps playing dumb, but everyone knows a mid-engine C8 Corvette is coming. The latest slice of evidence is above, with a guy in a supercharged C5 who ran across two heavily camouflaged prototypes testing in the mountains of California.

As you can see in the video, the Corvette driver was enjoying some twisty fun on a mountain road when two C8s drove past him, traveling in the opposite direction. He flips a U-turn and chases them down, of course totally following all traffic laws. Right.

We don’t really see anything shocking or revolutionary in the video. Still, it proves yet again that a mid-engine layout is coming for the Corvette.

With how many sightings we’ve had of the C8, a release must be coming soon. Whether this mid-engine model is a limited-run edition or not remains to be seen.

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