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Watch A Dodge Demon Tear Up The Streets In Pittsburgh

(Credit: YouTube)

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Watch A Dodge Demon Tear Up The Streets In Pittsburgh

When you think of the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, you probably imagine the thing ripping up a drag strip in a fury. The car was created for going fast in a straight line, an activity that perplexes some.

Thanks to the Pennzoil commercial you can watch above, we learn that in the hands of a professional, the Demon can be tamed. The 840-horsepower muscle car tears up the public roads in Pittsburgh, doing crazy things like powerslides, a wheelstand, and a massive 360-degree spin. Oh, and it wears a black and yellow paint job, of course.

Pennzoil likes to play up the theatrics in the commercial at the beginning and the end. It’s all about “exorcising the Demon” or something like that. The best parts are when the car and driver are doing their thing, which is supposed to make you want to buy a bunch of synthetic oil or something.

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