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This Is The BRZ STI Subaru Should’ve Built

(Credit: YouTube)

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This Is The BRZ STI Subaru Should’ve Built

I, along with many other enthusiasts, can’t believe Subaru still hasn’t made a BRZ STI. The coupe screams for forced induction, yet Subaru ignores that and instead keeps selling Crosstreks like they’re going out of style.

While that’s going on, plenty of tuners have taken it on themselves to whip out some pretty amazing homebrewed Subaru BRZ STIs. One of the best so far is this recent example, shown in full glory in the video above.

YouTube channel Hartnett Media from Australia did a beautiful feature of Mak’s turbocharged Subaru BRZ. Not only does it shoot out flames, the thing is rocking a V1 Rocket Bunny wide body kit. This allows for wider tires, plus some nice Work Meister wheels. Even with all that extra rubber, the car can still drift.

Wide body kits aren’t anything new for tuned BRZs, but the overall presentation of this one is incredibly well-composed. Just imagine what a factory version would be like!

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