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This Audi Commercial Has Been Banned

(Credit: YouTube)

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This Audi Commercial Has Been Banned

Audi R8 commercial

Audi R8 commercial (Credit: YouTube)

One of the greatest car commercials ever made has been banned in the UK. Audi, which has a reputation for great advertisements, put together a spot for the R8, which you can watch below. It’s a thing of beauty, and apparently will corrupt the minds of British viewers.

First Brexit, now this. What’s happening on the other side of the pond?

Why exactly Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority banned this commercial probably doesn’t seem apparent to anyone reasonable. Really, the ad is harmless, but apparently the government agency is prudish enough to find a violation in it.

It’s not that the pupil dilation and contraction that coincides with the Audi R8’s revs was deemed too seductive. Instead, the government censors decided the commercial glorified speeding and reckless driving. Actually, one viewer actually complained, and that’s when an investigation was opened.

Ridiculous? Absolutely.

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