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Maserati Flashes MC20 Prototype

(Credit: Maserati)

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Maserati Flashes MC20 Prototype

If you haven’t heard much from Italian automaker Maserati lately, maybe it’s because everyone is busy getting the new MC20 ready for production. The secretive super sports car will definitely be a halo model, something Maserati has been lacking for some time, hopefully inspiring people to visit showrooms and buy some of the more affordable options.

Maserati MC20 prototype (Credit: Maserati)

With that in mind, Maserati has provided some images of a camouflaged MC20 prototype to whet everyone’s appetite. From what we can see it looks compelling, especially considering it uses the single-seat Maserati Eldorado as a design template. However, don’t expect just a single seat in the MC20.

Also revealed is the fact Maserati is dedicating this prototype to the late Sir Stirling Moss. It’s fitting since he did pilot a Maserati 250F to victory at the 1956 Monaco Grand Prix.

Maserati MC20 prototype (Credit: Maserati )

This connection with Moss is also supposed to signal the Maserati MC20 will have strong motorsports ties. Considering how automakers have blurred the lines between race and production cars at times, we might be about to get something truly special. Little information is available right now, so the jury’s still out on this one.

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