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Subaru Legacy Takes On Moab Trail

(Credit: YouTube)

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Subaru Legacy Takes On Moab Trail

Subaru Legacy on Hell's Revenge

Subaru Legacy on Hell’s Revenge (Credit: YouTube)

Just recently, a YouTube user posted a video that has everyone talking, even arguing. It shows a Subaru Legacy, “lightly modified,” taking on Hell’s Revenge in Moab. Some people are calling it irresponsible, while others say it shows owning a Jeep isn’t necessary to hit some pretty heavy trails.

Among the modifications, the Legacy is wearing oversized tires, subframe spacers, skid plates, Outback struts, strut top spacers and a modified bumper for a better approach angle. R. Christopher Sven says he’s not a mechanic, but rather a dental tech, showing gearheads do come from many walks of life.

For those not familiar with Hell’s Revenge, it’s about 7 and a half miles of some truly terrifying obstacles, including Devil’s Driveway, the Car Wash, the Bath Tub and numerous steep inclines. While it’s not the most technical trail in the Moab area, the fact a sedan of any type can get through it in one piece is pretty awesome.

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