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Saleen to Modify Tesla Model S

(Credit: © Saleen (Facebook))

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Saleen to Modify Tesla Model S

Saleen Tesla Concept

Saleen Tesla Concept (Credit: © Saleen (Facebook))

Saleen has modified many cars throughout the years, most notably the Ford Mustang, but the tuner is embarking a brave new experiment by agreeing to tweak the Tesla Model S. It will be the first time a major vehicle modifier has sought to create a performance version of a production electric car, and the possibilities are creating quite the stir.

Purists are seeing red since Saleen is famous for tuning car that are accessible and display raw amounts of power. The Tesla Model S is viewed by many as a pleasure of the elite, who charge the car’s batteries as they play a round of golf at the local country club. On top of that, the Model S is most definitely a luxury car that can perform well, but certainly is not an insane performance vehicle.

Saleen Tesla Concept Interior

Saleen Tesla Concept Interior (Credit: © Saleen)

Further fanning the flames are the sketches of the modified Saleen Model S which were recently released. The car looks surprisingly good, which has softened some of the criticism of the project. The body kit on the car smooths out many of the lines, and some critics say it erases what’s unique about the look of the Model S. The car also gains a rear spoiler, carbon ceramic brake rotors, some chrome trim above the rear diffuser, Saleen wheels, and a large Saleen badge on the rear end.

No word has been said about the performance upgrades for the Saleen-tuned Model S. That news will likely determine if the project goes down in infamy or not.

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