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US Car Production About to Restart

(Credit: Tesla)

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US Car Production About to Restart

The great Coronavirus shutdown is coming to an end in the United States and that means new cars will start rolling off production lines once more. This is good news for dealerships, which have been wondering how long their current inventory would last, even with a slowdown in some vehicle sales.

Specifically, the Detroit Free Press reports Ford is recalling specific plant workers on a volunteer basis. Likely, these people are eager to get back on the job and be paid, so arm-twisting wouldn’t be necessary. These workers are preparing the production lines to fire up once more when the rest of their compadres return.

This news about Ford has caused some to essentially melt down, including UAW. Apparently these people believe it’s too early to begin production once more, although it doesn’t seem clear when a safe time would be.

Tesla Fremont Factory (Credit: Tesla )

Another American automaker, Tesla, is pushing its production restart even more aggressively. Tesla CEO Elon Musk was already criticized for not bowing to pressure to shut down his assembly lines sooner than he did. According to CNBC, dozens of employees are being recalled to the Fremont Factory this Wednesday, despite the state of California barring such a thing until May 3. The report drums up a few workers’ doubts about returning, which likely isn’t an accurate cross-section of Tesla employees.

Automakers in Europe are also ramping up production efforts, so the U.S. certainly isn’t alone. There are plenty of hand-wringers there as well, but it seems many are eager to literally get back to work.

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