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Nissan Will Nismo The Leaf

(Credit: Nissan)

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Nissan Will Nismo The Leaf

Calling the Nissan Leaf “sporty” is definitely stretching the truth. Nissan knows this, so it’s whipping up a special Nismo version of the car for the Tokyo show.

What we know is the Leaf Nismo Concept has special tuning for the computer, resulting in better acceleration at any speed. I don’t think the EV will be able to stand up against Godzilla, but it may be a little more entertaining to drive.

Nismo also has outfitted the car with a sport-tuned suspension, which is not surprising in the least. High-performance tires are supposed to help sharpen up handling, an admitted weak point for the Leaf.

So everyone knows this is a special EV, Nismo tweaks the exterior some. As you immediately notice, the black-and-white color scheme is accented by red highlights, signifying this Leaf means business. Supposedly, the body enhancements boost aerodynamics and cut down on lift, which are key elements for improved efficiency. The drag coefficient doesn’t change in the least.

Even the interior gets some Nismo customizations. Red accents and a black overall color scheme are supposed to make you feel like you’re in a performance machine, instead of a lightly modified budget EV.

Maybe you like this Leaf Nismo Concept? You may want to let Nissan know if that’s the case, so it becomes a production reality.

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