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Matthew McConaughey Gets Back Together With Lincoln

(Credit: Lincoln )

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Matthew McConaughey Gets Back Together With Lincoln

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey (Credit: Lincoln )

When Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey starred in his first set of Lincoln commercials, everyone stopped and noticed. While some people like Jim Carrey made fun of the melodramatic television spots, they still shined a bright light on a luxury brand many had forgotten. That’s why it’s no surprise that Lincoln has released a new round of McConaughey commercials, hoping to keep the publicity ball rolling.

Many are already criticizing the new commercials, this time because McConaughey is silent during them. In the last set, the actor delivered some interesting dialog, but this time he relies on body language to create a mysterious tone. Oh, and there’s lots of Jazz.

This time, instead of highlighting a few different Lincolns, the commercials all work to make people more aware of the all-new MKX. Crossovers are huge, especially in the luxury market, so this is a smart move on Lincoln’s part. Whether the commercials will help spike sales remains to be seen.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey (Credit: Lincoln )

Interestingly enough, in two of the spots the other characters deliver long monologues, one even entirely in Swedish. Perhaps keeping McConaughey silent was a strategic move to avoid another Saturday Night Live skit that pokes fun at the dramatic things the actor said while driving around in different Lincoln vehicles. Or maybe Lincoln is going for a deeper statement about its vehicles and how the relate to an award-winning actor.

According to Lincoln, the different commercials actually go together, forming a single story arc. There’s supposed to be even more details about the story on the brand’s website, which is an obvious ploy to direct people there in hopes they’ll be inspired to buy or lease a vehicle.

Lincoln once again dropped some serious cash on these commercials. Not only did it pony up the funds to keep McConaughey on board, it recruited Gus Van Sant as the director.

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