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Kia Teases Super Bowl Stinger Commercial

(Credit: Kia)

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Kia Teases Super Bowl Stinger Commercial

If you’re not American or just live under a rock, you might not know the Super Bowl is coming up. I’ll probably mostly watch it for the commercials, because the game will likely suck. Kia’s already teasing something far more interesting than Tom Brady’s injured hand: the first 30 seconds of a mysterious Stinger commercial.

In the spot, you see two Kia Stingers sitting side-by-side on the track. Emerson Fittipaldi is leaning against one, but you don’t see who’s in the other. Kia says it’s another “legend.” We can only assume that means a legend in motorsports, because that would make sense.

The big clue is when this other “legend” presses the ignition button. You see a French nail with what appears to be silver polish on it, plus a ring, so it’s pretty safe to say the other driver is a woman. Immediately, my thought and dread is it’s Danica Patrick. Yay. There are so many other deserving women in motorsports, but Patrick will hog the spotlight again. I hope I’m wrong, but what do you think?

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