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Jaguar Teases Us With E-Pace Testing Footage

(Credit: Jaguar Land Rover )

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Jaguar Teases Us With E-Pace Testing Footage

The E-Pace is coming, and Jaguar keeps teasing everyone. This time, the Brits have released footage of the little SUV doing some cold weather testing at the Arctic Circle, hot weather testing in Dubai, wet weather testing in the UK, etc. You even see it going through the paces on the Nurburgring.

According to Jaguar, it used 150 prototypes to log 120,000 hours of testing, something Tesla thinks it can skip. The result should be better quality out of the gate, something that’s been an issue for Jaguar in the past. Some claim the company’s turned over a new leaf.

The best part about the video is you get to see the E-Pace clearly, other than the camo, that is. Instead of developing this SUV in the shadows, Jaguar is working to gain more exposure. That makes sense, because the E-Pace has the potential to be a huge cash cow for the brand.

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