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Hyundai Teams With Bismoto Engineering to Prodcuce a 700-Horse Tucson

(Credit: © Hyundai)

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Hyundai Teams With Bismoto Engineering to Prodcuce a 700-Horse Tucson

Bisimoto Engineering?s First CUV is the Most-Powerful Tucson Ever

Hyundai and Bismoto Engineering have become quite familiar with one another as of late, as they have now teamed up four years in a row to create something amazing for SEMA. This year, the pair are coming together to create an insane version of the Tucson crossover that pushes the small people hauler to unexpected heights.

While the production 2016 Tucson comes with either a 2.0-liter or 1.6-liter powerplant, Bismoto scrapped those in favor of Hyundai’s 2.4-liter Theta-II engine – the same as the 2015 Sonata. The Engineering team and Hyundai then went to hacking away at the powetrain, installing an Infinity 6 ECU, an Arias 9-to-1 compression pistons, aggressive camshafts, a custom exhaust, 2200 cc injectors, a high-flow fuel pump, steel rods, a Turbonetic TX-6465 Billet Turbo, a wastegate, an intercooler, a blow-off valve, and a laundry list of other mods.

The end result of all of that tweaking is a compact crossover that delivers quite a punch at 700 horsepower. This power routes through a six-speed manual transmission, but Bismoto and Hyundai did not mention whether the power goes to the front or all four wheels. I would suspect all four wheels.

The team went to work on the suspension, assuring this rig can handle the twisty stuff too. Included are fifteen52 Tarmac R43 19-inch wheels wrapped in Toyo R888 rubber, a Buddy Club four-piston big brake kit, and an air-ride suspension.

The cabin of this insane creation also received a pile of updates. Included is a four-point roll cage, a Harman Kardon Infinity sound system, a Racepack IQ3 dash, a Buddy Club short shifter and racing seats, and custom leather upholstery.

Hyundai and Bismoto did not get into raw performance numbers, but I would guess it hits 60 mph in four seconds, or so, and tops out at around 180 mph.

While this custom rig sounds freaking incredible, don’t look for it to become a production model. It will, however, be at the 2015 SEMA show, which kicks off on November 3rd.

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