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Watch This Caddy Wagon Pull a Wheelie

(Credit: YouTube )

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Watch This Caddy Wagon Pull a Wheelie

The Cadillac CTS-V has become a favorite of quite a few enthusiasts. It’s easy to see why, considering out of the box they’re pretty potent, and yet they take to modifications well. Go visit a local drag strip and you probably will see one that can run the quarter mile in under 10 seconds.

Even better is the wagon version, because you can haul stuff and go fast. Shane Hinds, who has a good reputation for tweaking Caddies, modded a wagon by porting the factory supercharger, plus other non-extensive enhancements.

Apparently, that was enough to kick out some serious torque at low RPMs, because as you can see in the video above, this thing does a pretty nice wheelie at the start of its run. Without any nitrous, it pulls off a 9.7 on the quarter mile, which is impressive for such a heavy car.

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