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Video: Tesla Model X Caught Without Any Camo

(Credit: Tesla Motors )

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Video: Tesla Model X Caught Without Any Camo

Tesla Model X concept

Tesla Model X concept (Credit: Tesla Motors )

The word from Tesla Motors is that the new Model X crossover will be available within a few short months. Anticipation is building big time as the all-electric vehicle is about to be unleased on the market. Many have made dramatic predictions about how the Model X will affect the luxury vehicle market. Everyone wants to see what the final product looks like, after so many concepts have been marched out.

For those who want a glimpse of a production Tesla Model X, however grainy it may be, they are in luck. Thanks to YouTube user and Model S owner kenken830, we have below video of the electric crossover running on Highway 280N in Los Altos Hills, California. As you can see, the vehicle has no camouflage, giving (kind of) the best preview yet.

Unfortunately, the video is low resolution. Kenken830 was also apparently driving his Honda Accord, which had a really dirty windshield. That combination has still masked quite a few fine details. Still, we get a relatively clear view of the taillights and headlights, which have been partially covered on other Model Xs spotted out in the wild.

Some are noticing that the LED taillights flash during the video. That’s not a malfunction, but instead is the result of the video frame rate that actually picks up on how LED lights flash or flicker so rapidly that the human eye doesn’t perceive it normally.

One of the most surprising details from the video is that the Model X driver actually waves at the camera. Most people testing vehicles out on public roads ahead of their official release are at best indifferent to gawkers and at worse become noticeably irritated, so such a warm response is interesting, to say the least.

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