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Ram Creates A Texas Ranger Truck

(Credit: Ram)

Concept Vehicles

Ram Creates A Texas Ranger Truck

Ram 1500 Texas Ranger Concept

Ram 1500 Texas Ranger Concept (Credit: Ram)

Ram creates a lot of special edition and concept trucks, some more zany than others. The latest creation is the Ram Texas Ranger concept, which celebrates the brand’s partnership with the famous law enforcement organization, because Rangers can’t just ride on horses all the time in this modern world.

The outside has Texas Ranger badges that mimic the ones the Rangers actually carry. Just like the original Ranger badges, the truck’s badges are styled to look like they’ve been created using Mexican five-peso coins. It wears the star and wagon wheel badges on the fenders and the tailgate, showing everyone that the truck means serious business. The badge design is also featured on the center of each 20-inch alloy wheel.

The five-peso coins are also used in the truck’s interior. The front door panels each feature four of the coins, with the heads side pointed out. The rear doors also have four each, but with the tails side pointing out. The Texas Rangers badge is stamped in the leather on each seatback, plus a large one adorns the front center console. A simulated galvanized metal trim has also been applied to the interior, adding to the rustic appeal.

The exterior of the truck actually isn’t tacky, but instead looks pretty classy. It has white paint and silver accents, which mimic the hats and badges the Rangers have traditionally worn.

As of right now, Ram says there’s no Ram Texas Ranger edition truck planned for production. Instead, the custom model was created primarily to raise awareness of the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame and Museum. Still, Ram also says there is a possibility that the truck could be launched into the market if the interest is there.

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