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Karma Takes a Shot at the Tesla Roadster

(Credit: Karma Automotive )

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Karma Takes a Shot at the Tesla Roadster

Using the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show, California automaker Karma is looking to make a huge splash by revealing its new sports car concept. In just 1.9 seconds, the new Karma SC2 Concept does 0-60 mph. The concept electric car is sleek, sexy, and aimed squarely at the Tesla Roadster.

Karma SC2 Concept (Credit: Karma Automotive )

To achieve such neck-snapping acceleration, the Karma SC2 Concept features front and rear electric motors. They combine to churn out 1,100 horsepower and an absolutely insane 10,500 lb.-ft. of torque. We’re entering a new era of vehicle performance, and it’s pretty awe-inspiring.

Range is estimated to be 350 miles with this car. Considering it doesn’t look to have much in the way of cargo space, that’s plenty. Carbon-ceramic brakes are included, but so is a push-rod racing suspension and a torque-vectoring gearbox. In other words, this car should be able to stick turns and isn’t just about straight-line acceleration.

Karma SC2 Concept (Credit: Karma Automotive )

No doubt when Karma launches the SC2 into the market it will be obscenely expensive. Considering the Karma Revero GT has a starting price of $135,000 it likely will far eclipse the Tesla Roadster’s price point. But it might persuade some people to forgo Elon Musk’s go-fast electric sports car.

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