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Toyota Makes the Mirai Look Normal

(Credit: Toyota )

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Toyota Makes the Mirai Look Normal

Toyota revealed the 2020 Mirai Sedan Concept, something pretty much nobody was excited to see. But upon its reveal, people are absolutely astounded. The Japanese automaker transformed a completely crazy-looking hatchback into a sedan that actually looks pretty good. That’s some hat trick.

Electric car fanatics have been trashing the Mirai since the day it debuted. The fact there aren’t many hydrogen fueling stations anywhere makes it difficult for Toyota to lease. And if you think people are suspicious of battery-electric vehicles, just try selling them on hydrogen fuel. All of this is made more difficult when the hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle in question looks like it just drove out of a bad 80s anime flick.

2021 Toyota Mirai Concept (Credit: Toyota )

To transform the Mirai, Toyota made this concept using its premium rear-wheel-drive platform. That means not only better looks but more passenger space inside. It’s like the company realized just because people might be interested in alternative fuels they might also be tall or have friends/family to transport.

It’s not just the design of the Mirai that has changed for this concept. The fuel cells and hydrogen storage have been upgraded for a driving range that is 30 percent longer. On top of that, Toyota says it’s more powerful and quieter that the current Mirai.

2021 Toyota Mirai Concept (Credit: Toyota )

This transition shows that writing off fuel-cell vehicles as a pipe dream might be unwise. It’s amazing but not surprising that the electric car evangelists are the shrillest critics, considering 20 years ago battery-electric cars were about as unattractive.

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