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Nissan Takes Another Step Toward Making Tron Vehicles

(Credit: YouTube)

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Nissan Takes Another Step Toward Making Tron Vehicles

It’s finally happened: After all the joking about wanting Tron cars on public roads, one automaker has taken a select few seriously. Nissan thinks that to make its all-electric models less dangerous, it will have them produce sounds like a Light Cycle. Watch the video above for a brief demonstration.

It sounds more like the vehicle is making music, and that it should be driving through The Grid instead of that highway in our world.

To be honest, EVs and even hybrids at low speeds can sneak up on you easily. That’s a scary thing, and this is Nissan’s solution. Audi, in the past, has played around with EVs producing an electronic sound similar to an engine, only less severe and more musical. Basically, in the future our vehicles will be musical instruments.

Is that weird? I think so. Could it be cool? I don’t know, since it depends on how automakers go about it.

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