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Mercedes Reveals the G500 4×4²

(Credit: Mercedes)

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Mercedes Reveals the G500 4×4²

Mercedes G500 4x42

Mercedes G500 4×42 (Credit: Mercedes)

With the G63 AMG 6×6 sold out, Mercedes has introduced a new crazy version of the legendary G-Wagon: the G500 4×4². Apparently it means the new version is to the second power. Essentially the vehicle is like the 6×6, minus the extra axle in the rear, plus a new variable chassis and some other enhancements.

Even though it doesn’t have six wheels, the new SUV is still extremely capable. The new twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 engine pounds out 422 horsepower, which should be plenty for tackling sand dunes or the islands in the mall parking lot. The body wears some carbon fiber parts, while the whole vehicle rides on 22-inch wheels.

Mercedes G500 4x4²

Mercedes G500 4×4² (Credit: Mercedes)

One of the most interesting features of the Mercedes G500 4×4² is the portal axles. They provide a wider track than on the regular G-Class, which means the SUV handles better on pavement. Mercedes claims that when the adjustable dampers are set to Sport mode, the vehicle handles turns in the road like a sports car, but the jury’s still out on that one.

When it comes to hitting the dirt, the G 500 4×4² is also well-outfitted. The concept comes with a reduction in the transfer case, plus three differentials that the driver can lock while on the move. The portal axles are also the highlight of the model’s off-road capabilities. Thanks to a configuration where the wheels sit lower in relation to the axles than on the regular G500, the vehicle has an amazing ground clearance of over 17 inches, plus a fording depth of almost 40 inches. Mercedes says there’s one other huge benefit: the portal axle setup means powertrain parts like the drive shafts endure less mechanical load. The G-Wagon is already known for being a tremendous off-roader, but the G500 4×4² takes things to the next level.

Mercedes G500 4x4²

Mercedes G500 4×4² (Credit: Mercedes)

As of right now, the G500 4×4² is a concept vehicle. Not to worry, though, because lately Mercedes has demonstrated that it’s more than willing to create and sell some pretty crazy vehicles based on the boxy SUV. After all, such a vehicle will fetch an extreme price and profit margin.

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