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Maserati Confirms Two Upcoming Models

(Credit: © Maserati)

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Maserati Confirms Two Upcoming Models

Maserati Alfieri Concept

Maserati Alfieri Concept (Credit: © Maserati)

As Fiat Chrysler has finally unveiled its new five-year plan, big news about two upcoming Maserati models was unveiled. The first model announced was an SUV called the Levante that is set to launch in 2015. The new model will come with all-wheel drive as standard equipment. Two engine options will be available: an entry-level V-6 that puts out 350 horsepower, and a premium V-6 that pumps out 425 horsepower. Undoubtedly, the new SUV will promise high performance as well as a luxurious interior. If the design direction of recent concept and production vehicles like the Ghibli is any indication, the sport utility will also look striking.

The second model announcement was that the Alfieri Concept, which has wowed journalists and the public at shows, has been given the green light for production. The Alfieri will see production in 2016, but instead of the V-8 engine the concept utilized, the production version will feature several V-6 options that push out from 450 to 520 horsepower. Rear- and all-wheel drive will both be available on the coupe. The Italians have confirmed that a convertible version of the car will be launched in 2017, so expect to see more than a few toupees flying across the freeway.

Maserati Alfieri Concept

Maserati Alfieri Concept (Credit: © Maserati)

Maserati Alfieri Concept - Interior

Maserati Alfieri Concept – Interior (Credit: © Maserati)

Maserati will also be ending production on the GranTurismo in 2014, thanks to a design that has worn out its welcome. A new generation of the GranTurismo with a new rear-wheel drive architecture and a V-8 engine that produces over 560 horsepower is slated to launch in 2018.

These movements are intentional as Maserati seeks to become more of a volume automaker instead of just a niche company. With the addition of an SUV and coupe, the brand will have a much broader appeal than it does now. If successful, expect to see quite a few more tritons on the roads around where you live.

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