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Kia Debuts the Niro EV Concept

(Credit: © Kia)

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Kia Debuts the Niro EV Concept

The Niro has already broken Kia’s mold by offering the passenger and cargo hauling capabilities of a crossover with a hybrid powertrain. Then came the plug-in hybrid model. Now, at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, Kia has taken its green ways a step further with an all-electric version of the Niro.

Appropriately dubbed the Niro EV, this version of the Niro takes the current design and pushes it about a decade into the future. The movement toward the future is thanks to its rounded nose, slim headlights, and seamless rear end to allow air to easily slip over the body.

While its looks are a sharp detour from the current Niro, the EV’s powertrain is where the magic happens. Under its skin lies a 150-kW (201-horsepower) electric motor that’s fed by a 64-kWh battery pack. According to Kia’s estimates, the Niro EV Concept can travel a Bolt EV-rivaling 238 miles on a single charge.

Kia Niro EV Concept (Credit: © Kia)

As a concept, the interior is far more advanced than we’ll likely see in many, many years. However, there are a few legit glimpses into the future, including a new infotainment system with more human-machine interaction, gesture-controlled climate control, and swipe controls on the steering wheel.

Of course, there is no anticipated release date for a production Niro EV, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see one in a few years. It likely won’t look like this, but the powertrain should be similar to what we see today.

Stay tuned for updates.

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