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Dodge Challenger Hellcat Hits 171 MPH On Ice

(Credit: YouTube)

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Dodge Challenger Hellcat Hits 171 MPH On Ice

Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Dodge Challenger Hellcat (Credit: YouTube)

In the United States we set land speed records on salt flats, while in Sweden they do it on large, flat expanses of ice. Both are blindingly white, sit at wildly different temperatures and the cold stuff provides far less traction and stopping ability.

So as part of what’s called Arsunda Speed Weekend, someone got the idea of throwing down with a 707-horsepower American muscle car. The Swedes love these kinds of vehicles, but adding in plenty of ice seems like a bad idea.

The Challenger Hellcat set a new record at 171 mph, plus an average speed of 162 mph.

How they do this speed meetup is each car gets 1 kilometer to get up to speed, then during a second kilometer the top and average speed are measured. It’s pretty simple: go like hell and hope for the best. Thankfully they use some pretty nasty-looking spiked tires, because doing this even on snow tires would be just plain stupid.

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