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Automotive News Thinks The Dodge Demon Should Be Banned

(Credit: Dodge )

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Automotive News Thinks The Dodge Demon Should Be Banned

Automotive News is among new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon detractors, but the reason has nothing to do with emissions, fuel economy, or even bad financial strategy on the part of Fiat Chrysler. The industry publication instead called out Dodge for selling a vehicle it claims is too dangerous to be sold to members of the public.

Yeah, let that gel in your brain for a moment. Automotive News thinks the government should make the Demon illegal on public roads. It accused FCA of putting “bragging rights” before safety, and somehow managed to call out Tesla at the same time for “beta-testing” autonomous drive innovations.

The searing editorial goes on to admit other street-legal vehicles are faster and more powerful, but that’s okay. Why? Because the Demon is supposedly “unsafe at any speed.”

Fact is, Dodge was careful to make the Demon so it complies with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. But Automotive News thinks the car is an insult to the “spirit” of those standards.

This comes about the same time that Automotive News ran a piece calling for an end to all government subsidies for electric cars, conveniently omitting any mention of oil industry incentives. Is the Demon unsafe for use on public roads? I think it depends on how you drive it, just like any other vehicle.

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