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Ford Helps Offer New Insurance Plan

(Credit: Ford)

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Ford Helps Offer New Insurance Plan

Ford Motor Co. is teaming up with Nationwide to help people save some cash on insurance. Getting a price break on your car insurance sounds great, but how you get it is the catch. This involves letting the automaker and insurance company monitor how you use your vehicle, which to some will probably be a little too Big Brother, no matter the savings.

Essentially, what you get to do is buy insurance based on how many minutes you actually spend driving. You have to drive a qualifying 2020 Ford or Lincoln vehicle, and live in one of the 39 states where this program is being offered, probably because of legalities.

Nationwide and Ford say you might be eligible to save 40 percent on your car insurance through what’s being called Nationwide SmartRide. Usage information recorded by the vehicle is shared with Nationwide for the first six-month car insurance policy.

More than just how many minutes you’re behind the wheel will be shared with Nationwide. Distance traveled, hard braking, and hard acceleration will also be fed to the company. So if people in front of you suddenly stop and you have to as well, you’ll probably be considered an insurance risk – what a program. Progressive and others have offered devices you plug into your car for the same purpose, but this is the first time someone’s car is directly snitching to the insurance company.

Anyway, surely some people will find this program to be a good deal.

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