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Watch The New Supra Gives Its All Around The Nurburgring

(Credit: YouTube)

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Watch The New Supra Gives Its All Around The Nurburgring

Toyota won’t confirm it, but a new Supra is coming. At least we hope it’s called the Supra. Motor1 caught a heavily camouflaged prototype testing on the Nurburgring, whipping through turns and all. Check out the video and then read on.

Most surprising is how little engine noise you hear. The thing’s almost whisper quiet. Through most of the turns, you can hear the tires squealing loud and clear, but that’s about it. It’s pretty safe to conclude the Supra doesn’t use a big, growling V-8, which isn’t shocking.

Some people say they can hear a turbo. If there’s one, it’s faint. You don’t hear any hissing, or big blowoff valve sounds. That doesn’t mean the car is naturally aspirated, because it probably isn’t. It just means this video doesn’t confirm the presence of a turbo.

Rumors have been flying that the Supra will be a hybrid. Maybe that’s why it’s so quiet? It’s an intriguing thought.

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