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BMW Z4 Beats M2 Nurburgring Time

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BMW Z4 Beats M2 Nurburgring Time

For everyone thinking the new BMW Z4 is some lightweight, the above video should put those accusations to rest.

German car publication Sport Auto took the new 2019 BMW Z4 M40i for a spin on the famed Nurburgring, flogging the little roadster hard. The Z4 lapped the track in just 7:55.41, which is more than just a respectable time. It beats the BMW M2’s 7:58 run, which was praised by many when the car launched in 2015.

Sure, the new Z4 isn’t a supercar by any stretch of the imagination. But, this video proves it’s a fun little roadster in a time when the fun seems to be sapped out of too many cars on the market. The way it sticks the many difficult turns in the Green Hell indicates this will be a car for people who appreciate excellent balance and thoughtful engineering, instead of just some big crossover.

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